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Irrigation valve boxes


Irrigation valve boxes

Made in high resistance PP for long life.
U.V. protected.
Overlapped cover for prevention of dirty and grass accumulation.
Factory pierced slots for pipe insertion.
Ergonomic inlet in the cover to help to cover removing.
Cover with special anti vandalic bolt.
Beveled edges in the cover to prevent it from damages.

  • Ideal protection for manual valves, electric valves, water counters, etc.
  • Manufacures following the EN124 A15 regulation.
  • Allows an easy access to the installation elements, which needs maintenance or control.
  • Aesthetic, stackable, light weight and easy to transport.
  • High resistance black PP body and cover in the same material in green.
  • High mechanical resistance and to the envirnomental agents.
  • The overlapping of the valves in the body prevents the accumulation of grass and dirt between the body and the cover.
  • Factory pierced slots. For fast, easy and economic installations.
  • Ergonomic slot in the body, allows a cover opening more comfortable.
  • Cover beveled edges, helps to avoid damages made by the lawnmover.
  • Can be used in all the fluid handling modalities: water distribution, irrigation, spraying, etc.

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