Escrito por: bcmintegra en febrero 13, 2019 en Productos

Recently, we have made some changes to Cepex solenoid valves to improve their functionality, as well as their multifunctionality and ability to use spare parts.

In the actuation of the solenoid, a lever has been added with three positions: Open-Closed-Automatic, with it it is possible to manually select the position of the solenoid and it is applied to any type of valve: 24 VAC or 9V.


With this new addition, not only is it easier to select and find out the position of the valve, but also the spare parts system is improved, leaving the same body for all types of valves and allowing the exchange of different types of solenoids in the same body.

The solenoid removal system is different from the previous one, we have also had to change the codes of the whole system. You can consult the new features in the Instruction Manual.