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Every irrigation systems need a control system for the regulation not only of the opening and closing hours, but also wetaher conditions, possible problems, etc.

Cepex offers valid solutions for all needs, from the most simple product to the most complex.

Complete range of controllers for residential or commercial irrigation systems, going from 1 to 24 stations using also electrical controllers as battery ones.


For a highly efficient irrigation system it is very important the pluviometry.

The sprinklers and spray-heads are the last element in contact between the water and the irrigated elements, it is very important a high quality in its design.

The Cepex sprinklers and spray-heads are higly tested and its uality has been checked worldwide.

Electrov lvulas

The electric valves are the union elements between the controller and hte sprinklers or spray heads, they are the product which execute the orders the user has given to the controller.

Not only they have to be reliable in their working to assure the specified irrigation, but also it is important the flow and th pressure in which they can work or even to have an easy maintenance.

Cepex electric valves have been a satisfactory product for our clients during long time.


The last trends in water saving in residential and commercial irrigation are trying to use the minimum quantity of water for some elements which can be irrigated directly to their roots.

Drip or micro irrigation systems can assure a minimum spend and maxiumum efficiency in plant irrigation, trees, bushes, reduced zones, etc.

With then not only the cost and the environment are benefitiated, but also the global efficiency is improved.


For an irrigation system in which we are using water for the nature or simply non treated water, it is very important a good filtration system, as the water impurities can clog or damage the most sensible products or the smallest devices used for irrigation.

Cesped artificial

Not in all the spaces it is possible or necessary the grass cultivation; in some places, could be for maintenance, hygienic, health, economy… conditions; is better a non organic solution.

For these places it is much more better the installation of Cepex artificial grass of high quality, very similar to the natural one, and very easy to maintain, clean… 


Made in high resistance PP for long life.
U.V. protected.
Overlapped cover for prevention of dirty and grass accumulation.
Factory pierced slots for pipe insertion.
Ergonomic inlet in the cover to help to cover removing.
Cover with special anti vandalic bolt.
Beveled edges in the cover to prevent it from damages.

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